Game Rules


All participants must be registered with and approved by the Dracut Recreation Department prior to play.


Teams will have from a minimum of 8 players to a maximum of 12 players. If after team assignments have been made, teams which have less than ten players will be able to pull from the waiting list (if there is one) to fill the rosters to ten. Travel Rosters are required to have at least ten players.

Try-outs and Team Assignments

The Travel League Program is the only program that will have team tryouts. These tryouts will take place prior to the beginning of team practices and usually occur at the end of September or early October. Tryouts are open only to those players who have signed up with the Recreation Department before try-out. Once tryouts are complete all other participants are eligible for the recreation programs.

Evaluations will be done on an as needed basis to assure fair teams are drafted. Players will be rated on ability levels based on a consensus of the coaches, and drafted and/or selected so that each team will have approximately the same number of players at each ability level.

Team Notification

All coaches and/or League Coordinator will contact players within one week of team assignments, informing them which team they are on and of upcoming schedules. Any parent not notified after a week should contact the Recreation Office.


Teams will be allowed practice when available. The time allotment for practice will vary and be dependent on gym availability and not to exceed two hours. Practices are open only to the coaches, players, and members of the players family. All coaches are responsible for ensuring they bring the equipment supplied to them by the board.


The time allotment for recreation games will be one hour and be dependent on gym availability. Travel games will be 1 hour and 15 minutes. Recreation Games will normally be played on Saturdays. Weekday games may also be scheduled based upon gym availability. The Travel Program home games will be played on Sundays.


The board will determine the playoff format at least two weeks prior to the end of the season. Schedules permitting, it is goal of the board to include as many teams as possible in the playoffs. There are no playoffs in the Clinic leagues.

Rule of Play

Official basketball rules will be followed at all levels of play. Games in the Clinic Program will involve more instruction and play may be stopped to explain a particular rule's infraction. Such penalties as three-second violations and traveling may be looked upon more leniently early in the season, but will be enforced more stringently later in the year.

Game Time

All Recreation Programs will consist of two halves of 20 minutes each. Time will be running time with stops only for injuries and time outs until the last 2 minutes of the game. The last 2 minutes will be stop time as in NFHS official rules. The Travel program will adhere to the NFHS official rules.

Playing Time

All players (with the exception of Travel Program) must play a minimum of 50% of the game (20 total minutes) when teams consist of ten players or less. When there are more than ten players on a team each player must play a minimum of 30% of the game (12 total minutes).

In the Travel Program, it is up to the coaches discretion how much playing time a player receives. It has been RECOMMENDED by the Board of Directors that players receive 8 minutes per game minimum, but is not a requirement.

Penalty Situation

The "one-and-one" rule for shooting free throws will be in effect on the seventh foul of each half. Double bonus after the tenth foul.

Fouling Out

Five fouls disqualifies a player at all levels.

Time Outs

Each team will receive 2 timeouts per half. If a game goes into overtime, teams will receive one additional timeout in the overtime period.


Overtime periods will be 2 minutes in length and will be stop time during the entire overtime period.

Pressing Defenses

There is no pressing allowed at any time in the Clinic Programs.
Pressing is allowed the last two minutes of the half and the game for Junior League Program.
Pressing is allowed the entire game for all other Programs.
If a team is up by more than fifteen points in all Programs, pressing is not allowed.

Special Rules

In the Clinic and Junior League Programs, there will be additional rules applied that will help the flow of the game and assist the players when needed. These special rules are in place to assist players in learning and understanding the game of basketball. Those rules are:
  • Players may jump over the free throw line during a free throw attempt.
  • Officials will use best judgement in the following areas: 3-second violations, travel and double-dribble calls.


The league will supply all uniforms. No coach or sponsor may obtain different uniforms for their team, or alter the basic uniform to add logos or names to the uniform provided by the league unless approved by the Board of Directors.

Code of Conduct

The objective of the program is to teach youth how to play basketball in a sportsmanlike manner; unsportsmanlike conduct by any coach, player or parent will not be tolerated.
  • Name-calling, harassing or distracting opponents is not allowed. Failure to comply will result in a technical foul for the first infraction and ejection from the game for the second infraction.
  • A technical foul called on either player or coach results in two free throws for the opponent, and possession of the ball belongs to the team shooting the free throws. A second technical foul on a player will result in removal of the player or coach from the gym. Any refusal to leave within a reasonable amount of time will result in forfeiture of the game.
  • Abuse of coaches or referees from fans will not be tolerated. Spectators using abusive language or creating a disturbance will be asked to leave the gym. Any fans causing a disturbance and refusing to leave in a timely manner may cause forfeiture of the game for the team they support.
  • Players receiving two technical fouls in any one game will constitute suspension for the next scheduled game, including playoffs.
  • Coaches receiving two technical fouls in any one game will be called before the Board of Directors and be reprimanded. Coaches will be removed from position for repeated unnecessary unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Anyone fighting before, during or after a game will receive a minimum of one and up to a three game suspension. A second offense will result in a minimum of three and up to an ejection from the league. Any further offenses will result in ejection from the league. Anyone receiving an ejection from the league must obtain approval from the Board of Directors before returning to the league.